Nov 17, 2008

Special Edition for Today: This Joke was just emailed to me....

Slightly mental, but funny -

Kids are in school one day and their teacher wants them to go around the room and say what their Daddy does for a living!

Little Suzie begins and says, "My Daddy is a police man and he helps keep us safe from all the bad guys in the world."
Very good says the teacher!

Little Tommy says, "My Daddy is a chef and he makes lots of good food for people to eat."
Very good says the teacher!

Little Christopher says, "My Daddy is a mailman and he brings letters for everyone to keep in touch with their loved ones."

And they continue this all around the class, until they get to little Billy who is last,
and what does your Daddy do Billy, says the teacher......

"My Daddy is dead" says Billy.
"Oh I'm very sorry, I did not know!" says the teacher "What did your Daddy do Before he died?"
"He turned blue and shit on the carpet" says Billy!

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