Feb 1, 2009

Joke: Chocolate Man

A divorcee in her early forties was sitting at a bar one night when she noticed a young, attractive black man just a few stools away. She'd never experienced for herself if
the stories about black men were true, so she took the opportunity to buy the young stud a drink.

One drink led to another, and those led to the couple going back to the divorcee's apartment. Once there, the woman stripped naked, climbed up in her bed, struck a sexy, come-hither look, and whispered,

"OK, you gorgeous piece of chocolate man. Show me what young black men do best."

So he beat her up and stole her stereo.


Harmony said...

Never call them chocolate man.

Anonymous said...

That was shamelessly racist...but funny.

Wicked Pissa Tees said...

yes, offensive... but funny :)